WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is a type of digital marketing that strategically targets an audience with the help of WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing helps brands/service providers promote their products or services to a large number of people. WhatsApp Marketing helps in increasing sales, build a strong relationship with consumers, and increasing conversion rates. 

WhatsApp comes with many features and tools, and its applications can be enhanced with the help of WhatsApp API and WhatsApp business. The uses of WhatsApp can not be ignored in the marketing world, and now Facebook revamping and launching WhatsApp API only proves its potential in the future. If you’re looking for effective WhatsApp marketing, you can take the help of PICDGQ and its team of professional digital marketers.

WhatsApp Marketing: Why It Is Important For Businesses?

According to stats, there are more than 2 billion active WhatsApp users across the globe, and approx. 60 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp. Businesses or service providers can use WhatsApp for marketing campaigns, answering queries, addressing issues, providing services, sending announcements, and much more. Here are some uses of WhatsApp for your marketing:

  • WhatsApp provides its services to 180 countries, accounting for more than 2 billion users. Brands/Marketers can easily reach their targeted audience and inform them about their products and services.
  • Statista research states that more than 58% of WhatsApp users check their WhatsApp a few times a day. Hence, it gives brands/service providers a perfect chance to interact with their customers directly. 
  • A high engagement rate is an attractive aspect of WhatsApp messenger. Higher engagement can result in increased sales, more referrals, and a positive brand image. 
  • WhatsApp marketing can help you personalize your interaction with customers. WhatsApp tools allow you to collect behavioural data that can help you tailor more relevant content for your audience. 
  • WhatsApp marketing is ideal for both, small and big businesses. There are useful features available in WhatsApp business for better performance and functioning. Big organizations can take the help of WhatsApp API to send automated information on a large scale. 
  • WhatsApp marketing is a cost-effective marketing platform for small businesses. According to stats, WhatsApp messages’ open rate is 1% higher than SMS marketing, and it’s basically free if you use the WhatsApp business app. 

Tips For WhatsApp Marketing 

A good marketing strategy can help you become effective in every marketing platform. A well-planned strategy helps you get hold of your marketing plans if something goes wrong. Here are some WhatsApp marketing tips that you can follow to get positive marketing results: 


If you want to get a positive result then it’s necessary for you to determine your marketing goals. Setting goals and pinpointing your KPIs will help you focus on meaningful activities that can result in positive business result goals. 


It is important to know your target audience if you want to provide information to the right people. You can take the help of various AI tools and surveys to know your customers. It’s important to convey the value you are providing to them or what outcomes they want.


WhatsApp business tool is launched to help small- and large-scale businesses to operate their business easily. You can take advantage of the extra features like a catalogue, automated replies, or specified conversation stats. 


Customers always want to interact with people instead of impersonal businesses. If you want to evoke the emotions of your customers, you have to relate with them on an emotional level as well. That’s why it’s important for you to build a brand persona that can represent your values and attitude. 


Building a contact list is going to help you with more than just a customer support channel. You can find new prospects/customers with the help of subscription forms. Building a contact list can help you segregate your audience and send them personalized messages. Apart from this, you can deliver remarkable customer service, and get valuable feedback from the customers instantly. WhatsApp can help you cut the customer support cost by 30%. 

Why PICGDQ? : Build A Remarkable Marketing Strategy 

PICGDQ is a digital marketing agency that helps you create an impactful WhatsApp marketing strategy. Our professionals help you in setting goals, deliver quality content, explore the target audience, and master the best marketing techniques for your business/service. WhatsApp marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to reach your quality audience, and get high engagement. With the help of WhatsApp marketing, you can increase engagement, sales, conversion rate, leads, and brand visibility. WhatsApp marketing can help you save time, and money and high ROI on your efforts.

 Our team of professionals also help you meet your marketing goals in different arenas of digital marketing like content marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing. Our expertise also extends to providing your professional assistance in App development, web development and designing. If you want to know more details, you can contact our team at contact@picgdq.co.

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