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PICGDQ is the best website development company in Uttarakhand. We make your online presence available all the time, crafting the latest technology websites and choosing the best server services for you so that your users can get what they want any time any day. We make sure that the website you are asking to develop for your business is unique in the market. We use the latest technologies to come up with new designs every time. We keep our designs simple and realistic so that users can interact with the information available more easily on your website. Excellent UI, good colour themes, and error-free structure make your site to go number one on any search engine available online. PICGDQ is a leading digital transformation expert when it comes to classy, aesthetic and bug-free websites. We take care of everything from the very start whether it is buying the domain, hosting, privacy, security anything related to the website. PICGDQ with you 24*7 with our excellent support team. Our website development solution already served many industries of different sectors. 

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  • WordPress Website Development
  • PHP Website Development
  • eCommerce Website Development

WordPress Website Development 

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) based platform which enables website owners to handle their website if they want to because WordPress provides a user interface that is called an admin interface where you don’t need much coding skills to make any changes in the existing website made by any developer. 

Consider you own a school and have your school website. Now you want to update the exam schedule every 3 months on your website. On WordPress, it would be so easy that even a student of your school can make the changes in the website and that too within 5 minutes without any coding. There are around 43% of WordPress websites right now on the Internet.

PHP Website Development

PHP which is a hypertext pre-processor is a server-side scripting language which comes into the role when our clients have some hefty requirements for their websites. PHP is a superb language when it comes to speed scenarios as servers out there do not take much time to decode the code written in PHP. The reason is, it is a server scripting language and not a programming language. PHP websites are specially designed for businesses that require changes every day or every month in their website for example any government website, movie ticket website etc. On the PHP website, we provide you with admin access through the admin panel where you are free to make changes to the website on your own just through a simple form and no coding. Sounds fun right?

eCommerce Website Development

As we all know this era is not just limited to the information era, we are into E-commerce thing which means we can sell any product anytime anywhere in the world by setting up an online store in a week. For most of the E-commerce websites, we use the technology name “Shopify” which is an endless cave of surprises when it comes to the features available on it.

Shopify offers you multiple themes for websites that you can select from the Shopify market, Payment gateways are so simple to add in Shopify without much documentation, and multiple logistic channels or aggregator support is available at low cost because of the partnership between Shopify and logistic channels. Shopify is quite a fixed UI theme-based website which we can edit easily with the help of theme builders available in the Shopify market. Shopify is the best tool available right now when it comes to E-commerce website development.

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