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Businesses can not survive without having a website at the present time. With the help of websites, you can showcase your services and products easily. A website speaks for you online, which is why it should be designed with a professional touch. In fact, you can not do anything without a website in digital marketing strategy. A good website design can help you convert a customer and gain you a high ROI. You can give your website a professional touch with the help of a professional website design company like PICGDQ and make your website a place for meaningful interaction with your customers. 

Website Design: What Makes It So Important? 

Before website designing, let’s understand what a website is; A website is a set of web pages that are publicly available and is owned under a single domain. Now, a website is your chance to attract potential customers and win their trust. A poor website design can lead to low visitors, a high bounce rate, bad navigation, and slow loading. Here are a few points to prove that you need a good website design: 


If your brand website has a good UI/UX, you create a positive impression in the mind of the visitor. A good website design can increase sales and conversion rates. With a good website design, you can keep your customers engaged. 


A poor website design can lead to doubt, and your customers may find it unreliable. A well-designed brand website can keep your customers engaged in the website and convert them by making them spend more time on your web page, and a poor-quality website can do just the opposite. 


A good SEO is not possible unless you have a good website design. A good website ranks easily on SERP. The best website design makes sure that your website is responsive, crawl-friendly, and has easy navigation.

Website Designing: Things To Keep In Mind In Website Design 

Website Design is crucial if you want to take advantage of your online presence. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind for better website design: 

Friendly UI/UX: A brand website should be simple and easy to navigate. A bad user interface can affect your reliability among customers. You keep your navigation simple, follow standard rules of design, optimise your website for mobile users, and increase reliability through quality content. 

SEO: It is important to consider the UI and SEO while designing a brand website. A good website design helps in better SEO optimisation. A good website design with a better UI can also help in better sales. 

Conversion rate optimisation: A website’s main aim is to get a higher conversion rate. A conversion can be anything from signing up for your newsletters to making a purchase. The higher the conversion rates, the higher the effectiveness of a website. 

Transparent communication: It is important to be transparent as a brand. Providing relevant information on your website is crucial if you want to have loyal customers and a better brand identity. 

Easy navigation: If your website is not UI friendly, it can backfire. A bad website design with poor navigation has high bounce rates. According to stats, approx. 61% exit a website if the navigation experience is poor. 

Accessibility: If your website lacks accessibility, then it can affect your website negatively. If your website’s usability is lacking, then it will affect the number of visitors significantly. Try to include attractive meta descriptions, audio/visual transcripts, and so on. 

Competition: While considering a graphic design website, you must check your competitors. You should check if there is something new you can add to your website to outperform other brands.

Why PICGDQ Is The Best Website Designing Company?

Website designing is one of the most significant parts of digital marketing. If you want to have a unique brand presence in the virtual world, you must have an attractive and smooth-running brand website. At PICGDQ, we built the best website design. Our services include web app development services. Our website developer offers you smooth UI/UX, fast speed, and a good design that is attractive. 

PICGDQ is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Uttarakhand, India. We provide unmatched digital marketing services to meet your aspirations. Our team of professionals can help you drive high traffic and create a positive brand image. 

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