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Leading To Make A Difference

PICGDQ uses a four-stage process based on the conventional “double diamond” consulting model to complete digital transformation engagements.

Phase of exploration

In this early stage, we coordinate our project team with yours based on the environment you operate in and the project’s context. We research using both internal (interviews with stakeholders, sales records, corporate plan documents, etc.) and external (public databases, books, journals, etc.) sources (industry trends, competitor research, and customer research).

Phase of strategy

We filter the information from the context session during this stage in order to suggest a course of action. To make sense of the data we gather, we employ a variety of techniques like trip mapping and user personas.

Conceptual Stage

In this stage, we organise an ideation workshop with the help of research, inspiration, and ideas in order to generate innovative ideas for solutions, features, and upgrades. At the end of this phase, we investigate fresh and creative approaches to problem-solving and come up with ideas on how we may use successful examples as inspiration to bring about the transformation.

Finalization Page

In this stage, we develop and polish the ideas from the ideation phase. We create a variety of prototypes that we can test with users and organisational stakeholders and refine as necessary. Finally, we develop a roadmap with a timeline, resource needs, and an action plan, along with specific KPIs linked to each deliverable.

Our Manifesto

Successful products focus on corporate objectives, satisfy consumer demands, and use smart technological decisions. We bolster your product-driven growth. The final high-quality products succeed in key criteria and capture markets. To find the best thing to construct to achieve those goals, we conceptualize, build prototypes, and test them. We offer an excellent user interface with a natural flow. We follow your customers closely to learn what they require. Then create high-end products with the best in mind.


The intersection of intelligent design, in our opinion, offers the best answers. Our leadership works tirelessly to uphold and embed this goal in each team member, operation, and performance.


Our goal is to revamp how consumers engage with your brand. To challenge the established status quo and identify values that others can’t, and to find smart, and attractive ways to address the business hardships of the future.


We construct for breakthroughs. Our goal is to improve both the lives of our customers and the environment. Our work pushes boundaries and brings about significant change for the future.