Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Take Your Business To The Next Level Digitally

Social media marketing is a strategy used to make the online presence of your business generate more business opportunities for you globally. Here we will be optimizing the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms for your business so that you can reach your target audience.

Isn’t it great to reach a global level with just a single click? but sometimes it’s difficult for an individual or company to handle their business and digital marketing simultaneously. At this point, PICGDQ (Panorama India Consulting Group Digital Quest) rescues you with the process of digital marketing.

We follow algorithm-based programming to make your business/brand reach your target audience on commonly known social media channels. We also innovate creative techniques to gather the audience for your business pages on social media channels.

More the followers, more are the more business opportunities. We have an experienced creative team who handles all the hurdles in the growth of your digital or social media marketing strategies. We also design campaigns, ad creatives, and videos for your social media business pages.

Our social media services include User engagement, Content creation, Ad marketing, Influencer marketing and publishing content on regular basis. We also respond to comments, likes, and shares on your behalf. We follow and engage with Followers, Customers, and Influencers to build a strong community around your brand.

Why Social Media Marketing?


 With the help of social media, you can turn your business into an active participant in the market. Your business Facebook profile, Instagram posts, and our teams’ interactions with your customer form a user-friendly persona that your audience can familiarize, connect with, and trust.


Interconnecting every social media channel to drive traffic at its best. Sharing website links on posts, and making ads available for the target audience can get you massive traffic. This makes it more effortless for you to reach a wider audience at a low cost and with ease. You don’t have to go through the complexities of social media marketing.


Your company or organization can generate leads and conversions directly on these platforms through features like Instagram/Facebook shops, direct messaging, call-to-action buttons on profiles, and appointment booking options.


Social media marketing can build your visual identity on the internet. It can help you reach a vast audience, and this helps you improve your brand awareness which reaps better results. This indirectly makes you influential enough to make a virtual relationship with your brand followers.


  • Exposure 92%
  • Website traffic 80%
  • Loyal Fans 72%
  • Audience Insights 71%
  • Leads 66%
  • SEO 61%
  • Partnerships 58%
  • Reduced Expenses 51%

What Are The Essential?

Social media marketing strategy for every brand and every business will look different but there are the same listed things which it derives if followed regularly.


What platform your niche audience is using, and what do they like the most when they are online? What content or Influencers do they follow?


Are you able to convey your thoughts to your audience? Here we help you because we have an expert-certified digital marketing team. We create the content for your desired audience and use those stats to increase your brand identity.


Different social media channels work on different types of algorithms. Our team works every single day to create the right content to publish at the right time to reach a wider audience. We post regularly, also engage with online users, keep up with the latest trends and optimize your online business profile on demanding social media channels.

You Ask, We Comply

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