Bulk SMS Marketing

The increase in social media messaging has made its importance evident to digital marketers. The rising use of mobiles/tablets has made it easy for businesses & service providers to reach their target audience. In such case, marketing methods like SMS marketing has proved their significance and helped digital marketers provide relevant information to their audience. If you want to improve your reach with the help of SMS marketing, you can take the help of PICGDQ, one of the best marketing agencies in India

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing, And How It Helps Your Brand:

Bulk SMS Marketing is a marketing method that helps businesses send promotional text messages to many people. These messages are sent for time-limited offers, announcements, alerts, updates, and information to people who sign up for these SMS services to get updates.

Brands must build meaningful relationships with customers. By providing informative and relevant services, brands gain loyal partners and create value and meaning from customers’ standpoints. Bulk SMS marketing can help a great deal in such cases. When brands provide information through text messages, they interact in a meaningful way without wasting time.

SMS marketing (Text message marketing) uses short message service (SMS) to deliver relevant promotional emails to those who opt for the SMS service. SMS marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. It helps customers engage with brands directly. In short, SMS marketing can help you build strong relationships. You can use the SMS marketing services for the following promotional activities:

  • Welcome messages
  • Updates on Products
  • Promotion/offers
  • Internal alerts
  • Invitation for events
  • Appointment/ Confirmation Texts
  • Birthday rewards
  • Customer service communication 

Benefits Of SMS Marketing: 

According to stats, people open 98% of SMS, 90% of messages are read within three minutes, and 68% of customers check their SMS inbox throughout the day. The simple and cost-effective method of text marketing makes it beneficial for businesses and service providers. Here are some benefits of SMS Marketing-

  • Less Competition: SMS Marketing is less competitive than other social media platforms like Instagram and emails. However, only 25% of service providers/businesses use SMS for promotions and marketing. 
  • High ROI: SMS marketing is cost-effective but offers high ROI to businesses. You can use personalized SMS services for different sets of customers. SMS marketing helps your brand engage with consumers in a meaningful way. 
  • Time-saving: Bulk SMS marketing takes very little time to reach customers. You can send personalized mass texts to segments of people to stand out from the mass. 
  • Cloud-based communication: With the help of a cloud-based service, you can have flexible pricing, sophisticated software features, and simple integration. 

Bulk SMS Marketing: How Many Types Are There? 

SMS marketing is done through short codes instead of mobile numbers. These codes can represent one sender or multiple senders. There are two types of SMS Marketing for digital marketers and service providers:

Campaign Messages: Campaign messages are messages sent in bulk at once. These messages are typically sent for communication, sale offers, information and announcements.

Transactional Messages: Transactional messages are sent if the customer acts in a certain way. The most straightforward example is order confirmation messages/ shipping notifications for a purchase. 

SMS Marketing: Who Can Benefit From SMS Marketing?

Suppose you want to connect with your customers who are not on social media platforms or like to receive personalized content; In that case, text messaging can be a great influential tool for your digital marketing journey. Here are some businesses/service providers who can gain benefit from adopting SMS Marketing:

  • E-commerce Stores: For e-commerce marketing, SMS is a great tool. You can send campaigns and promotional/shipping notifications to a mass population in a single click. 
  • Travel companies: Travel companies can benefit from SMS marketing. Customers can get real-time information within seconds; SMS is a powerful tool for e-commerce marketing. 
  • Service providers: Businesses that have to do with appointments can take the help of SMS reminders. It can help these businesses save time and money. 
  • Big organizations: Email might be slow for short-term notice or emergency notification. If your company or institution has more than 100 employees, you can inform them at the right time easily. 
  • Brands: Brands get an opportunity to reach their customers personally through SMS marketing. SMS Marketing also gives the brands a human touch. 

Tips For Bulk SMS Marketing 

No matter if you’re a budding brand or an established organization, you can gain more exposure with the help of SMS marketing. Here are some tips for better results in your bulk SMS marketing: 

  • Customer consent: It’s important for you to get the permission of your customers before sending them any promotional messages. 
  • Segmented audience: even if you send bulk messages, it’s important to segment your audience according to their interest. 
  • Keep the message short: It’s important to write to the point. Being spammy or irrelevant information can compel your customers to ignore you or opt-out of the services. 
  • Use short-codes: Using short-codes can save you time and extra effort. These codes are optimized specially for bulk SMS marketing, which means these codes have faster send rates.

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