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Are you looking for the best App development company for your product and brand? Then We must say you’ve got the right place. Thanks to the Internet we found you! Hurray! 

Based in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, PICGDQ is an organization that also focuses on Mobile Application Development because mobile apps are mobile responsive unlike most of the websites out there. This is the reason we are serving in this domain too. Our team is armed with the latest open-source technologies, Methodologies, Platforms and Tools available out there and you know our team is highly experienced in their respective field. Mobile apps are crucial for businesses that want to increase their conversion rate. Being mobile-friendly, User-friendly and with minimum sizes below 10MB, apps are every user’s choice nowadays. Apps are important if you think to expand the reach of your business without any tension. There are mainly 2 app stores which are well known, first is Google Play Store and the Second is Apple App Store, both platforms are secure. It is like flipping a coin for us when it comes to app code submission on Google and Apple app stores. With less documentation and credentials, any app can go live within a week after going through the development process. Mobile apps are the best tool nowadays if you are thinking of getting ahead of the digital era curve. We, at PICGDQ, serve different types of mobile apps. 

Our Apps Can Take Your Business To The Next Level! 

Lets go through the benefits one by one and understand them 


Apps help the organization to increase engagement with the app users. By using app statistics in the admin account of app stores you know the likes and dislikes of their user. You can show products and services or ads relevant to them based on their search history. We share proper reports with our clients on monthly basis regarding app usage statistics. 


These Android and IOS apps are very quick in action and provide a mobile responsive user interface (UI). UI works 90% work in user engagement. These apps are quick reactive apps on touch sensations because of their low size. Today modern apps are compatible with every mobile and tablet device available in the market. 


These apps are very helpful when organizations must share some important campaign details or any offers-based details to users. They can simply do this using the app stores functionality. Today’s apps are designed in a way that they keep a record of user online activity, likes, dislikes, behaviour and many more data to show them urgent push notifications which again helps in increasing the business conversion ratio. 


Almost 90% of apps are available with this option. It doesn’t matter where the customer is shopping for the products; website, app, or any social media channel. These apps have a user account feature with login accessibility that maintains user data in a single database. Using this user can interact with the support team from the app in a quick way. Nowadays apps are using a ticket support system or IVR call system to get the resolution of customers’ issues on an urgent basis. 

We Are Versatile Because We Live Technology!

1. iPhone App Development 

PICGDQ is truly a master when it comes to Mobile App development. We have years of expertise in this field and master employees who enjoy coffee and do the app coding only for you, we believe in tailored app development for our clientele. iPhone apps are basically IOS platform enabled; this means these are much more likely to run only on Apple devices like Apple iPhones, Apple tabs, and Apple smartwatches. Apple IOS operating system is open source so anyone without any coding skill can easily code an app. These apps will run only on Apple devices.

2. Android App Development 

Android OS (Operating System) is also an open-source operating system that has the most available users across the world. If we talk about the statistics, 70% of users are Android lovers and the rest 30% are captured by IOS apps. This platform also allows us to upload apps on the google play store as Android is owned by Google. There are no app uploading charges for Android apps while you must pay $99 every year for uploading Apple apps on the Apple app store. Both Android and IOS apps are best when it comes to their operating system-based functionality.

3. Hybrid App Development 

Hybrid apps are also known as cross-platform app development because they are based on one single code and mainly written in Flutter, React Native and Xamarin programming languages. These apps can run on any type of operating system whether it’s Android or IOS. These are time saviours and decrease the cost of projects.

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