Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

Have you seen sponsored ads online? It’s PPC advertising. Pay-per-click is a way to advertise your product, services and business through various search engines and online social media platforms. PPC advertising services help marketers advertise their brand to a specific set of customers. With the help of PPC services, marketers can target different devices (Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops), locations and people. If you want to promote your product or brand, PPC can become a profitable tool for you. You can also take the help of Pay-per-click management companies like PICGDQ for better and more effective advertising campaigns.

Pay Per Click: Significance And Functioning

PPC advertising functions on keywords. You bid on specific keywords related to your service or product and promote it online through various networks. When someone searches for a service or product using those keywords, your ad will appear at the top on SERP. You just have to ensure that you invest your money in relevant keywords that represent your service or product the best.

 The PPC advertising services help the publishers (networks like social media, search engines, and websites) generate revenue, and advertisers achieve quality leads and potential customers. There are two models of PCC advertisement services: The flat-rate model and the bid-based model.


What platform your niche audience is using, and what do they like the most when they are online? What content or Influencers do they follow? 


Are you able to convey your thoughts to your audience? Here we help you because we have an expert-certified digital marketing team. We create the content for your desired audience and use those stats to increase your brand identity. 

Major PPC Platforms Available 

There are many PPC platforms available for marketers online. However, there are some major PPC platforms that every business should know about: 

  • Google Ads 
  • Microsoft Advertising 
  • Amazon Advertising 

PCC Services has become crucial with increasing competition and scattered audiences. According to the Hanapin Marketing report, 79% of businesses found PPC services beneficial for them. PPC not only helps you generate high ROI but also helps you ace your digital marketing journey.

PPC Ad Services: Types Of PPC Ads 

Search Ads: Search ads are a very common form of paid advertisement in digital marketing. You can select these ads if you’re looking for a short-term campaign. 

Display Ads: According to stats, Display Ads reach more than 90% of users. These Ads are shown on websites partnered with google. These ads are ideal for niche customers. 

Social Ads: PPC Advertising on social media platforms has been increasing drastically. Social ads target a specific set of areas, such as interests and hobbies. Social media advertisement is ideal for brands. 

Remarketing Ads: Remarketing is a marketing strategy that helps you increase your conversion rate. These ads target those people who have visited your platform. 

Google Shopping Ads: Google shopping ads target people who are looking for a specific product or service. When they find your promoted product/service interesting, there is a higher chance of a conversion. 

In-stream Ads/Video Ads: These ads play before any video on YouTube or other platforms. YouTube Ads and Facebook’s in-stream are good examples of it. 


SEO and PPC cannot be compared since these are two different marketing methods and have their own value. Here is a comparison between SEO and PPC to give you an insight into both: 

PPC Services: PPC’s Future

Contents SEO (Search Engine Optimization) PPC (Pay per click)
Traffic Pure Organic Traffic Paid Advertisement (Inorganic)
Brand Visibility The brand website can take 3-6 months to rank. Organic (Not Paid).
ROI More effective than traditional Ads. More effective when aligned with SEO.
Position Ranks according to SEO optimization and Content Quality. Consistently Ranks on the top of the search page.
Brand Visibility Brand visibility can take time. Brand Visibility is easy.
Sustainability Sustainable without any Promotion. PPC is a paid marketing strategy.
Cost Paid SEO services (Optional) Paid Service
Stability Algorithm can change More stable than PPC
Target Audience Scattered Specified

In research done by Social Media Today for the year 2017, around 7 million advertisers spent approximately 10 billion on PPC alone. Statista states that digital marketing ad spending is around US$ 616 billion. Also, 64.4% of users will visit a Google Ad if they want to buy a product/service online. The scope for Pay per click management services is bright, and Google has hinted at it through smart bidding, increased automation, and Responsive Search ads. 

Why PICDQ? : Your Pay Per Click Management Company 

PPC advertising services can be a powerful tool for your company if you want to increase your reach and conversion rate. A pay-per-click management company like PICGDQ can help you gain a maximum ROI. Pay-per-click management services can help your brand shine and create a way to connect with potential customers. 

At PICGDQ, we help you reach your PPC advertising goals, identify your needs and campaign for the best results. Our professionals assist you in understanding the science of PPC and implementing it effectively with your online marketing. You can contact us at if you want to know more about PPC and digital marketing.

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